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Others just like you have started out skeptical, only to find that our system made a real difference for them. Here's what some of our subscribers say about how our newsletter has helped them:

AdvantageU Application

The advantageU Product was developed using software development process. As the product owner, I was in charge of collecting requirments, managing a team of 9 software engineers and collaborating with marketing. The application is integrated with a CRM system, Google and Wordpress. The application has added significal value to Real Agent Pro who where recently recognised as an INC 500 fastest growing real estate marketing company (#308).

D&L Groceries Digital Marketing Program

D&L Groceries and Tropical Sensation Resturant is a family business in Rochester NY.  This project involves revitalizing the marketing efforts to increase awareness of the Jamaican take-out resturant. I developed a marketing communication plan with stakeholders,  and provided a detailed marketing calendar using Microsoft Projects. We completed setup of Grubhub program that immidiatly showed 100% ROI. A enhanced menu with simplified pricing and launched a promotions and direct marketing campaign has proven to increase average ticket sale by 40%.

Social Media Influencer Marketing Program

Facebook social media marketing using an influencer and advertising strategy. This project involves managing D&L social medi platform. The project involves development of video content based on the resturant's menu and creating a series of ads to promote catering services. 

Evergreen B2B Marketing Webinars

Using Clickfunnels Marketing automation technology, I worked with the marketing team to setup a webinar lead generation product. Prospects and customers receive weekly email broadcasts and upon registering, they are added to an email follow-up drip sequence.

Email Marketing using Salesforce

Setup Salesforce marketing cloud to integrate with other marketing tools to capture leads and deliver a sequesnt of emails based on some criteria set by marketing. This project involves detailed project scoping and content development. Salesforce Customer Journey and Data Extension tools were used.

Something Old & Something New

Here I shared a video that contains my older projects and favorite RIT project done through the Center of Innovation. I did a lot of corporate graphic design work in the past. 

I have worked with anthony for the past 3 years at Real Agent Pro. Anthony is fun to work with and he knows how to strategize. He is flexible with change and knows how to problem solve. As the VP of Technology, I oversee Anthony's build-out of our websites and AdvantageU app. He knows how to listen and get to the root of a problem. He loves to document everything which is really helpful. I would recommend him.

Chris Vicente - VP Technology, RAP

Anthony is one of our best clients. Maybe not all the process of developing the product was so smooth, but it is definitely productive cooperation with the nice product as a result. Recommended working with.

Sergey Vysotskiy - Owner, Jaguar Team

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