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Innovation Mentors are individuals with deep industry, product innovation management, and entrepreneurship experience. They work with the companies pro bono, without expectation of reward or compensation, will share of their knowledge and guidance freely, and will open their networks when appropriate. Mentors are what make Zeru unique and each Zeru program unique. The success of the companies is a direct result of the generous contributions of mentors. Zeru Way articulates the values and characteristics of mentorship in the FOZ community. It reads as follows:

Holistic Focus on the Individual

At Zeru we focus on the individual. We believe that helping a person maintain their passion is important. This means that our strategy empowers the individual in 3 core areas:

  1. Mind
  2. Body
  3. Spirit
Wholistic Focus on the Passion Projects
  1. Think Innovation, Do Innovate
  2. Finance
  3. Marketing
  4. Operations
High Performance Team Focus on Experiences

  1. Communication
  2. Organization
  3. Collaboration
Trust Focus 
  • Be Honest
  • Design and Systems Thinking
  • Qualitative and Quantitative
  • Security, Confidentiality, and Privacy
  • Provide insights, perspectives, and ideas
  • Constructive and not afraid to challenge conventional thinking
  • Always be Positive, Always Socially Good, Always be learning

  • If these values describe you, let's collaborate!

    Types of Mentorship:

    Your mentors are divided into two main groups: Innovation Mentors and mentors. The difference here is time commitment, not ability to help. Innovation Mentors spend more time with companies while mentors help out where they can.

    Becoming an Official Zeru Innovation Mentor:

    • Attend a Product Innovation Training Session. The local Portfolio Manager can give you more details on where and when.
    • Attend at least two events in the first month of the program and interact with individuals, companies and the founders that you are interested in.
    • As the program progresses, your interaction with the individual and companies will be self-driven, driven by company interest, or directed through the Portfolio Manager.

    A Few Other Points on Mentoring at Zeru:

    • Stay Collaborative! We only know as much as you tell us about your interest, your availability, and your ability. Keep the Portfolio Manager in the loop in regards to all things Zeru.
    • There are many reasons to mentor. Know what your reasons are and make sure they are the right reasons. Mentors in this community are not financially compensated throughout the program and should expect nothing in return. If a mentor has this mindset, they always end up getting the most of the program.
    • Everything is classified. Remember that much of what you’ll be exposed to is highly confidential, sometimes including the company’s participation in Zeru. Please do not discuss the company outside the Zeru walls without the company’s permission.

    Thank You for Your Interest:

    Mentors are an important part of what makes Zeru an amazing collaborative experience. Thank you for your interest in giving your time and energy to our community.

    Anthony is one of our best clients. Maybe not all the process of developing the product was so smooth, but it is definitely productive cooperation with the nice product as a result. Recommended working with.

    Sergey Vysotskiy - Owner, JT

    I have been in communication with Anthony since 2006. He would listened to my dreams and putting them to reality. From business plan, logo, building a website that millions of viewers would compliment us. He has taken my website to a whole other level. If there is an idea to improve my business he is always there. With that being said he has helped Hoshing Realtors to build a successful online presence. Hence, he has earned my highest recommendation.

    Tanya Hoshing - Owner, HR

    Innovation Mentors

    Mentors have deep industry, product innovation management, and entrepreneurship experience.

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    Zeru is a virtual incubator and accelerator network for enhancing collaborative experience of startups and small businesses.

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