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About Our Members

Driven Youth Entrepreneurs

The CX programme empowers students, and entrepreneurs to reach the next level by helping them develop key habits that drive growth. Participants will discover five areas where they can improve their personal brand: Planning, Collaboration, Marketing, Finance, and Operations.

Members will enjoy in-person training with group learning, and practical online tools accessible on-the-go via mobile, delivering the direct results that busy students, and entrepreneurs need. It includes access to a mobile app for tracking business finances.

Aspiring Leaders

Designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, who seek to start a business or grow an exisiting one,  ZERU's hands-on programme provides key steps for getting a idea or business off the ground. Members learn how to understand market demand, develop prototype products or services, develop a business model, and raise funding.

ZERU's blended learning approach merges a low-bandwidth online learning platform with peer support and optional in-person sessions, so those with demanding schedules or limited Internet access can easily participate.

This programme is offered through accelerators, incubators, colleges, and enterprise development organisations that want to support entrepreneurs in their network.

Innovation Consultants | Mastermind Members.

ZERU's Innovation consultants are well educated individuals with proven experience to help members conduct research, planning, product innovation, brand development and building a business.

Members that find themselves needing advice and hands-on support can conveniently book appointments with your consultant to to brainstorm projects and ideas. They will walk you through using innovation tools.  The 12 practice areas where consultant can help are listed below.

Members will find the following consultation sessions extemely useful:

  • Vision Boarding
  • Goal Mapping 
  • Researching
  • Organizing
  • Planning
  • Prioritizing
  • Personal Branding
  • Starting a Business
  • Developing a Business
  • Money Smarts
  • Marketing
  • New Product Idea

In addition, members have access to our self-help ebooks, webinars, video, apps, and research. 


At Zeru we focus on the individual. We believe that helping a person maintain their passion is important. This means that our strategy empowers the individual in 3 core areas:

  1. Mind
  2. Body
  3. Spirit


  • Think Innovation, Do Innovate
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Operations


  • Communication
  • Organization
  • High Performance Team
  • Trust

  • Confidential
  • Be Honest
  • Design and Systems Thinking
  • Research and Facts
  • Security, Confidentiality, and Privacy
  • Provide insights, perspectives, and ideas
  • Constructive and not afraid to challenge conventional thinking
  • Always be Positive, Always Socially Good, Always be learning
  • We are looking for Founding Board Directors and Partners

    • Must have a MBA or a degree
    • Experience and knowledge in several business domains and frameworks
    • Strong interest in research, proposal writing and research submission
    • Learn Zeru Product Innovation Framwork. The local Innovation Partner provides details on where and when.
    • Attend at least two events in the first month of the program and interact with members
    • As the program progresses, your interaction members until complete

    A few other points on consulting at Zeru:

    • Stay Collaborative! We only know as much as you share about your interest, your availability, and your strengths. Keep the Portfolio Manager in the loop in regards to all things Zeru.
    • There are many reasons to become a consultant. Know what your reasons are and make sure they are the right reasons. Consultants in this community are not financially compensated throughout the program and should expect nothing in return. If a consultant has this mindset, they always end up getting the most of the program.
    • Everything is classified. Remember that much of what you’ll be exposed to is highly confidential, sometimes including the company’s participation in Zeru. Please do not discuss the company outside the Zeru walls without the company’s permission.

    Consultants are an important part of what makes ZERU an amazing collaborative experience. 

    Designing The Solution

    ZERU's problem solving process has 3 major attributes. When our team members meet with members for the first time to discuss their problem, they know their solutions will be:

    • Fact Based
    • Rigidely Structured
    • Research-driven


    Our research and communication arms works to provide insights and research to develop the sole-entrepreneur win.


    No two problems are identical; you must first figure out how to approach each problem in order to develope the best solution. ZERU takes a multi-level approach to solving problems: combining our CXiP model with other problem solving frameworks.


    Creative and Digital Designs Studio provides research, graphic design and prototying solution to help showcase product, service, ideas or business. Your Innovation Team, normally a group of 3-7 consultants, will help you develop logo, brochures, website copy, ebook, business cards, menus, signage and more.


    Our Technology Practice focuses on helping individuals source and learn how to apply new technologies to improve their process. This may be as simple a learning how to use business simulation tools, setting up a Point of Sale, implementing a Customer Relationship Management system or maintaining a shopping website.


    Our Marketing Practice focuses first on strategic Public Relations and Community driven experiencial marketing experiences. We then merge that focus with traditional, digital, content, and search engine strategies to create a measurable and complete integrated marketing program.


    Product improvement is the core of what we do at ZERU. The Innovation Practice focuses on helping members capture new ideas, and transform them into actual value using our ZERU Innovation Process.


    Our Finacial Practice focuses on helping business build personal and business wealth. We help members implement best accounting and personal finance practices. Members are provided with Bookkeeping services and technology to ensure they always have updated financial records on hand.


    Collaboration Practice is our membership service where we provide various training and experiences to develope our members. This area provide tools to members gain clarity, plan, organize and acheive home, school, or work goals.

    Key Programs


    Next Level Program is empowering students, and entrepreneurs with the tools and habits they need to reach the next level of growth through a practical blended programme.

    CXiP Innovation Studios

    Empower small businesses to reach the next level with this hands-on program aimed at driving growth. Entrepreneurs and their teams will implement practical tools to develop positive habits around motivation, planning, marketing, finance, operations, and people, leading to significant and concrete business benefits

    Collaborative Experiences

    Providing technologies that develops and improves the way people see, hear, smell, taste, feel and experience the world.


    Innovation Consultants are exceptional people with deep industry, product innovation management, and entrepreneurship experience. They are here to help you on the journey towards success.

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    Zeru is a virtual incubator and accelerator network for enhancing personal innovation and business brands.

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