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Zeru is a space for passion projects, where your creativity is inspired, and you are empowered to think innovation and do innovate. A social company, we are a digital incubator and accelerator program working in the community and with the community to build it. Zeru organizes information to enhance collaborative experiences that help startups and small businesses succeed.

Zeru is the samarian word for seed, growth, and sky.

Why become a Friend of Zeru!

Startups and small businesses should use this platform to improve collaboration and provide feedback. There are several benefits to FOZ members!

  •  FOZ App, Friends of Zeru App is a productivity assistance mobile application for individuals that enables secure peer-to-peer and community collaboration. 
  • Digital Marketing Support to assist with your marketing initiatives
  • Product Innovation Support and Coaching to boost your innovation process

Zeru help you become more focused, organized, productive, and innovative. 

Learn more about Anthony: As a founding member, I started my journey as a graphic designer in a small family owned printery. I eventually transitioned to digital and found that many startups and small business owner did not have the funding, talent or awarness of technolgy that may improve their odds of surviving. As a result, i created Zeru to power small business ideas that sometimes get overlooked by government, high-gain investors and experienced talent.

My goal has always been to power the success of the individual that dare to have an idea - a passion project - no matter how small, and power its success. 

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Product Manager
I am a strategic digital marketer, and product manager assisting businesses with building their product and relationships

Conducts research focusing on enhancing collaborative experiences

Over 10 years Experience Working on B2B and B2C product development projects in software, real estate, government, and retail

Proud to have been a part of these organizations ...

Anthony is one of our best clients. Maybe not all the process of developing the product was so smooth, but it is definitely productive cooperation with the nice product as a result. Recommended working with.

Sergey Vysotskiy - Owner, JT

I have been in communication with Anthony since 2006. He would listened to my dreams and putting them to reality. From business plan, logo, building a website that millions of viewers would compliment us. He has taken my website to a whole other level. If there is an idea to improve my business he is always there. With that being said he has helped Hoshing Realtors to build a successful online presence. Hence, he has earned my highest recommendation.

Tanya Hoshing - Owner, HR

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