For young entrepreneurs and small business owners, ZERU Center is a start-up technology incubator company in Rochester, New York. It provides 1-on-1  micro small business development support. Unlike its competitors, ZERU offers technology, integration services, and proven process management practices to help entrepreneurs affordably commercialize a business or product faster.

ZERU's mission is to be a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurship and small business development.

Young entrepreneurs have dreams and aspirations that are just within reach. With clear insight to derive a proper strategy, one who is passionate about their idea(s) can start the process of creating. ZERU Center offers unique opportunities for entrepreneurs to collaborate with the right people, and apply valuable, often necessary tools. Our services and products help entrepreneurs bravely navigate the personal branding and small business development process to smartly achieve success. #poweryourpassion

Anthony Ricketts, Managing Partner and Innovation Consultant - Business Development

Bi-Annual Membership Invitation Letter

Gift of Entrepreneurship

Power Your Passion Public Relations Program

10 Steps to Start a Business, 3 Steps to Run it, 1st Step is Believing in Yourself 

The goal of our youth entrepreneurship program, #PowerYourPassion, is to inspire young entrepreneurs and help them understand that their idea or a passion project, can be patiently transformed into a revenue generating activity (a business). Entrepreneurship can provides a meaningful source of income and contributes to economic development of urban communities. ZERU Center is here to help with that transformation by providing best practices and tools to power your small business idea or development needs.

Our programs are designed to help young entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of commercializing their first or second small business idea/product. We provide free entrepreneurship resources such as 1-on-1 entrepreneurship Training Sessions, access to On-Demand entrepreneurship training, a resource community, and Small Business Development tools. 

Minding My Own Black Business Campaign 

Our first outreach program for reenforcing entrepreneurship and small business development in minority communities is the Minding My Black Owned Business Campaign. You must have seen this campaign on Facebook, circulating on the page of our Managing Partner and Innovation Officer, Anthony Ricketts. It is also on his LinkedIn Profile.

For Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE Enterprises: MBE, WBE, DBE), ZERU Center provides special administrative services such as helping businesses apply for certification status as a MWBE offered by New York State and promoting on social media to our growing list of followers. Young entrepreneur and minority businesses in Rochester, New York area can request a FREE Editorial Photoshoot for publication to our social media. 

ZERU Center is a community based for-profit social company awaiting certification as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE).  

Rochester N.Y. Small Business Community Connect

From a community standpoint, ZERU Center facilitates the creation of entrepreneurship activities within Rochester and other minority communities through our public relations campaigns. We encourage young entrepreneurs, and minority small business owners to setup an FREE account to tell us about your idea or business.

Sustainability in Business Development - Power Your Passion Business Development Rewards Gift Card

Improving small business efficiency, reducing waste, and boosting productivity are key elements of our sustainability framework to support entrepreneurship efforts. ZERU Center takes a digital first empowerment approach to reduce business waste, for example, the Gift of Entrepreneurship program demonstrates that small businesses can reduce their impact on the environment by building recycle and reuse strategies in their process. Our digital referral business cards can be setup for any member. Members can share these cards on social media with their fans. The best part, the cards can be loaded with funds and used for purchases. Instead of creating business cards that people throw away, develop a digital referral business gift card. ZERU Center's Business Development Referral Card is reusable, moreover, it has the value of 1-on-1 Young Entrepreneur Training built-in.

Business Development Solutions

Below is a list of services that ZERU Center can provide to members for a fee. Members and ZERU Center work together to determine which specific services best fit the needs and negotiate the fees associated with these services in a separate contract. In addition, the center performs small business wellness assessments or check-ups to unlock potential process improvements and financial gains. Learn more about Innovation Consultants to fulfill your staffing needs.

NAICS Classification

813410 - Civic and Social Organizations

541430 - Graphic Design Services

541512 - Office automation computer systems integration design services

541513 - Computer Facilities Management Services

5412 - Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Services

5416 - Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services

541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

541612 - Human Resources Consulting Services

541613 - Marketing Consulting Services

541720 - Research and Development in the Social Sciences and Humanities

5418 - Advertising, Public Relations, and Related Services

Business and Marketing Strategy Services

ZERU Center works with members to create a well-defined business plan and marketing strategy based on extensive market research, competitive analysis, and your specific objectives.

  • Develop Business Plan and Strategic Marketing Plan for the U.S.
  • Comprehensive Business Training
  • U.S. Market Research& Competitive Analysis
  • Go-to Market / Launch Strategy
  • Strategic Partnerships Identification & Introduction
  • Lead Generation & Sales Support
  • Management Team Setup
  • Advisory Board & Mentors

5412 - Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Services

541430 - Graphic Design Services

Business Operations Services

ZERU Center helps with your ZERU Center Digital Business set up and all the State and City licensing paperwork that follows. Participant will be provided digital space equipped with website, social media, and customer relationship services, and we assist you in setting up your bank account and line of credit.

  • Company Setup – Sole Proprietor, LLC, C Corp, S Corpo Bank Account Setup
  • State and City Business License
  • Line of Credit
  • Merchant Services
  • Office Space – Full Service Independent Office and Cubicles
  • Office Management Services
  • Employee Hiring – Hourly & Full Time
  • Secretarial Services – Airport Pickup, Hotel Accommodation, Apartment Rental,
  • DMV
  • Bookkeeping Services

New York Registered Agent Services

Under New York law, business entities formed or registered with the Secretary of State may designate a registered agent for service of process. The entity may designate an individual or a corporation or LLC.

ZERU Center maintains a physical address in New York. This is where the registered agent receives service of process and official documents on behalf of  your business. As a member, you can apply to have us as your registered agent in New York using the center's official business address. 

ZERU Center will assist you in any business contracts, employment agreements, trademark or intellectual property handlings and to ensure that members are in regulatory compliance with State and Federal requirements.

  • Business Contracts – NDA, NCA, Master Services Agreement, 1099, Corp to Corp etc.
  • Visa Services – EB5 (Investment Visa), H1B, L1, Green Card, Citizenshipo Employment Agreements
  • Intellectual Property
  • Trademark
  • Regulatory Compliance

In addition, when you have some legal notice, the ZERU Center is responsible for making sure you get that information, fast. ZERU Center takes this responsibility as your New York registered agent seriously. 

New Media Marketing

ZERU Center provides website development based on extensive market research and trend analysis, website hosting, and maintenance. As a Digital Marketing Agency working to become a Certified Google Partner, ZERU Center offers a full suite of web marketing services, designed around your customized marketing strategy. 

  • Website (RWD) Design and Development, Hosting, Maintenance
  • Custom Content Management System
  • PowerPoint Presentation Skills Training
  • Market Research & Trend Analysis
  • Complete Web Strategy (SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, PPC) & Execution

 Learn more about our digital development services.

Traditional Marketing Services

Aside from their online marketing tactics, ZERU Center will also provide advertising, direct mail and press releases services. They will assist you in locating and/or planning collaborative events that will help you most cost-efficiently reach your target market.

  • Advertising – TV, Radio, Print
  • Direct Mail – Postcard, Letters, Coupons etc.
  • Signage/Logo
  • Tradeshow Identification, Collateral Materials and Sales Support
  • Public Relations
  • Print Collateral -- Brochure/Catalogs
  • Event Planning
  • Lead Generation and Sales Support

Accounting, Taxes & Managerial Services

Zeru Center will assist you in all month-to-month as well as year-end accounting and filings such as monthly bill pay, P&L statements, employee payroll, quarterly end reporting, year-end 1099 processing and Federal & State tax filing.

  • Reminder Email/Phone Calls for Accounts Receivables
  • Vendor Account Management & Bill Pay Through Check and EFT
  • Employee Payroll Services
  • Federal & State Payroll Tax Processing
  • Regular Bill Payment (Credit cards, rent check, phone, internet and other office expenses)
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Monthly P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Management Reporting on Cash Flow and Funds Flow
  • Quarter End Reporting to Federal & State authorities
  • Year End 1099 Processing
  • Year End Federal & State Tax Filing

Entrepreneurship Training Services

For young entrepreneurs trying to start and grow a personal brand or business, we providing personalized entrepreneurship training for small business development. Unlike traditional business incubators, the SBA Score or local governement agencies, that tells you what to do but not how to do it, ZERU Center takes a hands-on approach and develop members using The 10 Steps to Start a Business, 3 Steps to run it, and 1st Step is Beliving in Yourself training.

  • Accounting & Invoicing Software - QuickBooks Training
  • Sales & Script Training
  • National & Regional U.S. Market Training by Consumer Psychology Expert
  • PowerPoint Presentation Skills Training
  • Strategy, Branding, Product Positioning Training

Collaboration and Independent Advisors

Small businesses in the seed, early or growth stages use ZERU Center to aquire skills necessary for its growing and changing needs. Business owners consult with our innovation experts to complete projects or solve problems they can’t address with in-house resources. In addition, the center performs small business wellness assessments to unlock potential process improvements and financial gains. Learn more about Innovation Consultants to fulfill your staffing needs.

Small businesses have unique roadblocks they must overcome to survive. Proper planning for finance, marketing and operation excellence is a challenge but can be achieved with the right teamwork, trust, cooperation, and communication (Collaborative Experience or CX). ZERU Center help our member develope and implement strategic plans for growth and succession.

Members may receive business and technical consulting services from local business professionals, economic development professionals, students and/or faculty from local universities, colleges, and others (collectively, “Independent Advisors”). These Independent Advisors are not employees or agents of ZERU Center, and they will not be bound by our Terms of Service or the other Membership Documents or Practices. A member acknowledges and agrees that ZERU Center shall not be held liable for the acts or omissions of Independent Advisors.

About our Fees

ZERU Center will charge the following fees to provide services to a member.

  • Customer financing allows members to enroll in an affordable payment plan, rather than paying the entire price of an expensive business development project upfront. One time non-refundable Incubation Membership Fee is credited to your account. Members make incremental payments based on a membership package or as negotiated.
  • Fees for services mentioned above shall be based on number and extent of services to be availed by the members

Small Business Advertising and CX Studio

For small businesses that want to improve the way they look and their social media presence, ZERU Center provides graphics design, branding and creative content development studio. Entrepreneurs that are looking to grow their audience can tap into our growing social media community by getting our help with content developement and advertising with us.  Unlike other graphic design studios or freelance graphic designers, we promote in various geographical markets, primarily minority urban communities.

Power Your Passion Business Development Reward Cards

ZERU Center is growing with entrepreneurs and innovators who receive unprecedented benefits and networking opportunities working with us.  

Advertisers can access our growing list of members looking for your products and services. ZERU Premier Business Solutions helps businesses of all sizes succeed with a valuable digital content programming. Our "collaborative experiences"  opportunities provides exposure to our growing network of fans. Target an niche audience with your exclusive benefits and savings. We will showcase your business and connect you with a our growing list of customers looking for services you offer.

ZERU Business Development Referral Gift Card offers Members-only pricing, privileges, and promotions.

ZERU Collaborative Experience Innovation Process - CXiP

ZERU Center has developed a standard entrepreneurship business development methodology based on best practices within our organization and on member requirements and expectations. The CXiP methodology is designed to meet the requirements of ISO 9000. These processes, integrated in our CXiP Methodology and technology, is tranferred into our member's process to boost his or her innovation and productivity. Some of these deliverables are in the products we source, test and offer to our members. In others, clearly defined procedure, in many cases, have a defined analysys and problem-solving framework. These guidelines, checklists, forms, and procedures are the backbone of our innovation management process and also serve to capture lessons learned for future business development projects. CXiP (pronounced SIP) is incorporated into all aspects of our business processing. 

How we contribute to your Small Businesses?

ZERU emphasizes consultation and training services to women, and minority clients.

The company focuses on projects that advance entrepreneurial / personal development, small business, and economic growth priorities of its members, with an emphasis on:

  • Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Marketing and Innovation Management
  • Financial Strategy

Starting a Small Business

The Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy defines a small business for research purposes as “an independent business having fewer than 500 employees.” Additionally, SBA has established size standards that define whether a business entity is small and, thus, eligible for government programs and preferences reserved for “small business” concerns. Size standards have been established for types of economic activity, or industry, generally under the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).

ZERU headquarters is located in New York

In New York State, the definition of a small business for the purposes of Chapter 15 Economic development law, S 131 (Article 4-B Division for Small Business), “a small business shall be deemed to be one which is resident in this state, independently owned and operated, not dominant in its field and employs one hundred or less persons.”  The State utilizes this definition to determine eligibility for the Small Business Environmental Ombudsman (SBEO) program, the annual New York State Small Business Awards, and other services or programs.

Did you know:

New York State Small Business Profile 2018

    This annual profile from the SBA’s Office of Advocacy shows the number of small, women-owned, and minority-owned businesses in New York State; business turnover (new firms, bankruptcies and terminations); employment; small business income; sources of financing; firms by industry and firm size; and non-farm establishment job gains and losses by firm size.

The Small Business Economy 2018

The Small Business Economy is an annual report since 1982, which continues to serve as a reference source to business owners, policymakers, and researchers when they need information on small business' performance in the economy.

Contact us to learn more about small business in your State.

Market Research and Innovation Solutions

For a business owner, obtaining the right insight is as important as finding the right location, getting the best price or implementing the best processes / success systems.

Our Innovation Consultant provide deep investigative and personalized support: 

  • Identifying local competitors 
  • Ring studies providing demographic information
  • Tables and maps showing consumer spending habits 
  • Finding relevant trade association or regulatory contacts
  • Locating articles written about ventures similar to yours
  • Providing financial norms and ratios for your industry
  • Conducting preliminary patent or trademark searches

Innovation Consultants, with the knowledge and experience to provide entrepreneurs with expert counseling and training. These advisors undergo rigorous professional certification to keep their business knowledge up-to-the-minute and their consulting skills sharp.

What is the difference between seed, growth and early stage businesses?


Seed or start-up companies are very early stage and pre-revenue. They are likely to be raising funds to develop an idea, product or concept. Investing in a seed company can be risky as they have a much higher chance of failure.

Early stage

Early stage businesses generally have a tested prototype or service model and have developed a business plan. The company may be generating early stage revenue but might not be profitable yet.


Businesses in the growth stage are in commercial operation with solid traction and existing customers. They are generating recurring revenues and experiencing solid growth, but still may not be profitable. 

Innovation @ZERU


CXiP is a personal innovation process and a peer-to-peer collaboration framework used to build passion projects. Learn about CXiP Studio


Innovation Consultants provide insight, networking opportunities, processes, and tools to help entrepreneurs solve problems


Focused on making our members become smarter, stronger, and healthier Entrepreneurs.


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ZERU LLC (ZERU Center) is a membership organization engaged in small business development and promoting the business interests of its members. An affordable membership and consultancy fee is charged for finance, operations and marketing support services. Zerucenter.com is our member's community.

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Innovation Consultants are exceptional people with deep industry, product innovation management, and entrepreneurship experience. They are here to help you on the journey towards success.

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