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Everything a driven young entrepreneur or aspiring leader needs for launching and growing a personal brand or business. Through blended digital, peer instructional collaborative experiences, Zeru is a managed service provider for start-ups and idea development.

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CXiP, Organize, Prioritize & Flow

Clarify what makes you happy, focus on positive emotions, maximize your time and liberate yourself.

Visualize the possibilities, improve your outlook and confidence by clarifying your goals, overcome difficulties, and build relationships.  Streamline your work with an Innovation Consultants who will help you embrace change using our research Collaborative Experience Innovation Productivity Process.

Demonstrate leadership and easily collaborate with consultants, family, friends, and coworkers to solve problems and get work done.

Collaborative Experience Solutions

Grow your business and improve your reach

Get the help you need to brainstorm, make ideas real, and create value. Our new digital incubator solution, CX, will enhance your creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation focus.  We will help you:

  • Build a business model
  • Develope a product roadmap
  • Build a Online Store
  • Develope a financial model for the business
  • Design a Digital Marketing CX 
  • Launch your business

A team of Product Innovation Consultants and mentors will capture your ideas on paper, help you with research and provide help to develop your success networks that will help you launch and thrive.

Mobile Apps &
 Ecommerce Websites 
Social Media & Content Marketing
Search Engine 
Customer Relationship Management

It’s easy to get sidetracked, but you can’t afford to get lost.

Innovation Consultants are well educated and fact based professionals with training in our management framework, CXiP. They consult with members who are students, entrepreneurs, professionals and teams to strengthen their personal and business brand by helping develop simple but effective organisational practices for resilience and growth.

You will have access to our self-help ebooks, webinars, video, apps, and research. Host Q&A session with your Innovation Consultant to brainstorm projects and ideas.

Innovation Sessions
Clarifying & Goal Setting
Events & Workshop

Family Matters

Inspire and build a lasting legacy

Boost your family owned small business with an advance relationship building and business development program.

Members will discover and brainstorm the basic skills and processes they need in areas like conflict resolution, collaboration, trust, planning, money, and marketing, and begin implementing these during the programme.

With practical workshops, online tools, peer learning, and coaching, participants are well supported as they build a more robust and successful business.  Our intuitive innovation studio, CXiP, is accessible via mobile for entrepreneurs with busy schedules.

  • Family Business Planning
  • Organize Your Team
  • Succession Plans
  • Money Smarts
  • Digital Business
  • Innovate Your Product Idea
  • At Zeru, we focus on building families who will transition to build successful products, businesses and communities. We know you want to cultivate the best version of yourself and your family to live a meaningful life. You want to grow your capacities for love and compassion, creativity and curiosity, work and resilience, and integrity and wisdom. Our workshop will help you do that. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

    Attract & Engage Customers to your Brand 

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    How to make your family business work 

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    Access your innovation studios

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    Rewards & resources to help you scale

    We work with you to power your passion.

    Frankly, building a business is hard, especially the first year when there are limited resources, no or little support, and all you have is you (maybe a co-founder) and the belief that you can do great things. That’s when we come in – investing in you: working in collaborative spaces, together with you, figuring stuff out. 

    Boost your growth with great free deals

    • Tools and applications to help you grow
    • Money Smarts Workshop ensures you have a sound financial structure ready for funding. 
    • Hands-on digital and ecommerce business management training to start or grow your business

    Friends of ZERU are saying ...

    Anthony is a great client and a great person. Communication is easy, he is always there to answer your questions. His specs are clear, always supported by diagrams and extra documents. You can discuss a large spectrum of topics about the project. Although marketing and project management are his forte, he can discuss even technical subjects like database design or algorithm development. Always a pleasure working with him. If you see an offer from him in your inbox, don't hesitate, keep calm, and hit "Accept the offer" button. Thanks a lot!

    AYKUT  //  Engineer

    I have been in communication with Anthony since 2006. He would listened to my dreams and putting them to reality. From business plan, logo, building a website that millions of viewers would compliment us. He has taken my website to a whole other level. If there is an idea to improve my business he is always there. With that being said he has helped Hoshing Realtors to build a successful online presence. Hence, he has earned my highest recommendation.

    Tanya Hoshing  //  Real Estate Agent

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    Innovation Consultants are exceptional people with deep industry, product innovation management, and entrepreneurship experience. They are here to help you on the journey towards success.

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    Zeru is a virtual incubator and accelerator network for enhancing collaborative experience of startups and small businesses. 

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