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I grow companies using the Internet. Experienced, innovative tactician, product developer, marketer, and a proven creative thinker with management ability. I work with marketing teams helping them with developing their product and commercializing it. I am proud to announce that I helped my company achive its goal of being on the INC 500 List of Fastest Growing Companies (#308). My next steps involve completing a Master's in Managment Information Systems and completing my book, "The Future of DevOps".


Over the last 15 years I have worked with digital properties large and small, with eclectic set of business models (lead generation, software as a service, ecommerce, content, membership). Some interesting collaborations include work for AdvantageU, D&L Groceries, Memex System, and the Bermuda Government. Marketing teams can utilize my knowledge, and experience in sales, content development, digital technologies, project management and social media. 

Marketing Technologist / CSM

The one thing I am good at in marketing is negotiating, implementing and supporting the marketing technologies necessary to effect a marketing program. Example, setting up and testing websites and email campaigns or implementing a CRM. I started as a graphic designer for a small printery then I transitioned into my own business as salesman selling marketing services to car dealerships.  My first business was a hosting company that is still in exisitence today and my second business was a barber shop that I sold. My experience has helped me bridge the gap between marketing needs and technical realities. Having worked with developers and marketers, I have been able to translate needs, solve problems and get the job done. 

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What Others Are Saying:

Anthony is a great client and a great person. Communication is easy, he is always there to answer your questions. His specs are clear, always supported by diagrams and extra documents. You can discuss a large spectrum of topics about the project. Although marketing and project management are his forte, he can discuss even technical subjects like database design or algorithm development. Always a pleasure working with him. If you see an offer from him in your inbox, don't hesitate, keep calm, and hit "Accept the offer" button. Thanks a lot!

Aykut  - Owner, Worth Of Web Academy

Anthony Ricketts is a very tactful, creative, good at what his heart desire. A go getter, a hard worker, loves to participate in charity out reach programms

Moesha Wallace - Trustee, MWF

I have worked with anthony for the past 3 years at Real Agent Pro. Anthony is fun to work with and he knows how to strategize. He is flexible with change and knows how to problem solve. As the VP of Technology, I oversee Anthony's build-out of our websites and AdvantageU app. He knows how to listen and get to the root of a problem. He loves to document everything which is really helpful. I would recommend him.

Chris Vicente - VP Technology, RAP

I have been in communication with Anthony since 2006. He would listened to my dreams and putting them to reality. From business plan, logo, building a website that millions of viewers would compliment us. He has taken my website to a whole other level. If there is an idea to improve my business he is always there. With that being said he has helped Hoshing Realtors to build a successful online presence. Hence, he has earned my highest recommendation.

Tanya Hoshing - Owner, HR

Anthony is one of our best clients. Maybe not all the process of developing the product was so smooth, but it is definitely productive cooperation with the nice product as a result. Recommended working with.

Sergey Vysotskiy - Owner, Jaguar Team

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Some of my most loved products includes: AdvantageU App, D&L Groceries and Aricketts.com. I have also included 3 other concept projects to inspire you. 

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