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Innovation is a process. To do it successfully you need a collaborative team, financing, and the right tools.

Zeru provides business management, planning, and support services to entrepreneurs looking to start or grow a business.

Organize, Collaborate & Innovate

Zeru is a seed-stage accelerator program based in Rochester NY. Every 6 months we select about 15 teams to work with us. Our goal is to find awesome companies with founders we like to work with and spend three to six very intense months with them.

During the program, we work on everything from finding product market fit, defining a target market to getting first validation for the company. We are also instrumental in helping companies prepare for fundraising and of course for investor meetings.


A Mobile App & Mentorship

Frankly, building a company is hard, especially the first year when there are limited resources, no or little support, and all you have is you (maybe a co-founder) and the belief that you can do great things. That’s when we come in – we are always the first investor in companies, but more importantly, we are there for you: in our collaborative spaces, together with you, figuring stuff out.

Gear-up with our Innovation Programs

  • Money Smarts Workshop ensures you have a sound financial structure ready for funding. 
  • Hands-on digital an ecommerce business management training to start or grow your business
  • A suite of support services to accelerate your business goals and help you remaining motivated 

Partnering & Funding Your Success

Building a community is tough, keeping a community-engaged is even tougher. Traditionally, it required time, a big marketing budget and perseverance. Zeru will add some magic to your marketing mix and help you build a community faster and engage them for longer.


Business investment that engage your community and turn your fans into fanatics, so you'll have the backing of people who believe in you.


Business investment that stands for something and will inspire belief, loyalty and a competitive edge that's hard to beat.


Business investment that gives your most influential supporters a feel-good factor that'll create a buzz around your business.


Business investment that adds to the bottom line and directly impacts your key business metrics. It's not why you do it, but we know it helps.

Fueling the future of low income communities

Zeru is always keen to hear from fearless innovators looking to challenge the status quo and change the way we interact with our world. So, if you’re a company employing robotics, AI or automation technology, we want to talk to you. All passion projects welcome!

Getting Started

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At you finger tips

Zeru professional network will help you create, grow and engage a community who will not only be your shareholders but also your biggest advocates, most loyal customers, dedicated supporters and vocal collaborators.

Anthony is a great client and a great person. Communication is easy, he is always there to answer your questions. His specs are clear, always supported by diagrams and extra documents. You can discuss a large spectrum of topics about the project. Although marketing and project management are his forte, he can discuss even technical subjects like database design or algorithm development. Always a pleasure working with him. If you see an offer from him in your inbox, don't hesitate, keep calm, and hit "Accept the offer" button. Thanks a lot!

Aykut  - Owner, Worth Of Web Academy

I have been in communication with Anthony since 2006. He would listened to my dreams and putting them to reality. From business plan, logo, building a website that millions of viewers would compliment us. He has taken my website to a whole other level. If there is an idea to improve my business he is always there. With that being said he has helped Hoshing Realtors to build a successful online presence. Hence, he has earned my highest recommendation.

Tanya Hoshing - Owner, HR

Ready? Let's Go! 

Some of my most loved products includes: AdvantageU App, D&L Groceries and Aricketts.com. I have also included 3 other concept projects to inspire you. 

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